Partnership planning

As the world becomes more complex and specialised, there is an increasing need for organisations to develop effective partnerships in order to flexibly ally their strengths with the strengths and opportunities of other organisations.
More and more organisations are beginning to respond to this need, and the competitive edge is beginning to be generated not in the strengths of the partners, but in the strengths of the partnership. Increasingly, it is the quality of the alliance that determines success or failure.
Key to the quality of the partnership, is the common understanding of the objectives, and the responsibilities of each partner therein. Tesseract has used QFD to help a number of clients to improve this area of their work, and has thereby helped them to deliver dramatic improvements in partnership performance - both in terms of the bottom line, and in terms of the quality of insight and growth derived from such a relationship.
To understand more about our work in this area, please read our case studies.

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