Tesseract have fifteen years experience of designing and facilitating special events and workshops to meet specific needs. Our staff have experience in teaching facilitation and advanced consulting skills.
While most of our work is now focused on visioning, QFD and cascade workshops, we also undertake other facilitation work where it is clear that this will provide some sustainable systematic benefit to the client. In particular, we undertake facilitation of special events in support of a client's implementation of systematic management.
Our thorough approach to designing the structure of events and workshops virtually guarantees our success. (We are proud to claim that we have only ever had one failure in our history, and that was through not following our own rules):

We work with the client to develop clear deliverables and an outline structure to deliver those deliverables

We meet all of the key participants at the event, and understand their perspective, their expectations and their concerns

We develop a detailed session plan, clearly identifying objectives and process for each activity, and we develop supporting material and documentation as required

We ensure that the facility is suitable for holding the event

We develop new approaches where the situation warrants, but include contingencies in case things go off track

We ensure the client 'owns' the event and its conclusions, and we prepare him or her fully for his or her role

We review the success of the event with the participants, and learn from where we can further improve our approach

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