Coaching and Mentoring

The disciplines of a systematic approach are very straightforward. However, unlearning existing practices and paradigms is not.
Most managers do not really have problems understanding what they should be doing, but they find reconciling that to existing practices and habitual ways of working in a highly pressured schedule very confusing.
Tesseract provides a sounding board to listen to the problems that managers are wrestling with, to question the assumptions and sacred cows, to encourage people with alternative options and examples, and to develop confidence in the manager for the steps he/she is taking.
Through the coaching and mentoring programme, Tesseract can also alert the client to systemic issues that need to be addressed.
A key element of most coaching and mentoring work is the development of a personal QFD: aligning the manager's schedule with the value he or she wants to add through his or her interventions.
Coaching and mentoring can be undertaken at the client site, but we have found that holding the sessions in unfamiliar environments, and in particular out walking, can have a dramatically freeing effect on the manager's thinking.

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