Cascade workshops

Cascade workshops provide a fast and effective means of encouraging the full commitment and creativity of your organisation to deliver the objectives in your QFD. Essentially they are an umbrella workshop, with a number of process workshops taking place simultaneously within it. Usually they are organised with cabaret style seating - this enables some aspects to be delivered from the front, but most of the work to take place in process (or cross-process) teams.
Tesseract's approach is to work closely with the client management team to develop the workshop, and to prepare them for their roles in running the workshop, and more particularly in facilitating their own process teams to develop their own vision, performance objectives, and local QFD.
A typical model for the flow of the workshop is as follows:

A basic introduction is delivered from the front, including the reasons for change, an overview of the process so far, and the top-level QFD

Process owners explain their column of the QFD to their teams, and draw out further opportunities for the process to contribute

Process teams set about developing their own vision in this context, & translate it into clear objectives, measures & performance targets

Process teams meet each other to share their objectives, and the implications that has for internal services. Process content and objectives are refined in order to support this.

Cross process teams review the sum of process contributions (process performance targets) for each objective, evaluate their impact, and make recommendations for any necessary adjustments

Required adjustments are reconsidered in process teams and appropriate adjustments made

Process teams map out their sub-processes and how they support their objectives (process QFD) and identify sub-process targets

Key deficiencies in current sub-process performances are identified and improvement initiatives are planned to address them

A case study of a cascade workshop may be downloaded by clicking here. An example session plan may be downloaded by clicking here.

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