QFD workshops

QFD workshops provide the means, through QFD, to translate the organisation's vision into an unambiguous set of ambitious performance targets, to understand how the organisation's processes will need to develop to deliver them, and to build the commitment of the management team to making it happen.
Tesseract has more than ten years experience in designing & facilitating QFD workshops for organisation design and goal setting. We are the leading experts in this field.
Our approach is to:

Work with the client to configure the objectives of the workshop to best address the conclusions of the diagnostic survey or the audit and review

Develop the supporting sessions and materials, and prepare the client for his/her role in the workshop.

And then, within the workshop, to:

Describe the organisation's vision in terms of clearly agreed objectives, measures and performance targets

Map the functionality of the organisation into a practical set of processes best suited to deliver the objectives

Explore the (creative) potential of each process to deliver each objective, and prioritise their importance accordingly

Think through the implications for each process in terms of conflict and synergy with other processes, and establish appropriate patterns of communication and networking

Agree how process responsibilities will be deployed (e.g. via a cascade workshop), and appropriate timescales/ownership

Agree the management process for ensuring progress against the process and top-level objectives

On completing a QFD workshop, the level of understanding, confidence and commitment that exists within the management team is far in excess of that achieved by any other planning method we know.

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