Increasing Complexity

Not only is the rate of change increasing, but so is its inherent complexity.
The impact of new technologies is multiplied dramatically as those technologies interact. The access of one technology to another, has rapidly increased by means of a third (the internet), and the end result is a vast range of options - so much so that further new technologies are being developed simply to cope with the possibilities. New software already exists which anticipates what the user is trying to do, and gives them options to do it, because the power and potential of the software is greater than the average user can easily grasp.
Increasing levels of potential and options brings with it increasing levels of risk. Increased stress on current systems and workforce, new ways that competitors can undermine your business, heightened expectations from customers, unforeseen implications etc.
And increasing levels of risk brings with it increasing levels of responsibility. New legislation, rules and policies are continuously being developed as nations and groups find new opportunities or requirements (depending on whether they are pathfinders or laggards) to work closer together.
The implications for the manager are onerous. Think: further ahead; more widely; out of the box; about more things; that are more complicated, more frequently. Because, as the potential increases, so do the expectations.
And yet, maybe there is a clue implied in the software that is so complex that it thinks for us. Perhaps it offers us a clue to thinking at a new level too. If standard office software is becoming sophisticated enough to look above the detail actions to recognise patterns of intent, shouldn't management be thinking this way too? - spotting patterns rather than focusing on the detail?

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