A Guided Tour of the Big Picture of Systematic Management & Organisational QFD

The Big Picture is a comprehensive map of systematic management. It can be purchased as a high quality poster, accessed on-line as a detailed interactive pdf file, or used to access the resources and ideas on this site.
Below is an image of the Big Picture, and a step-by-step explanation of its key features. Please feel free to print this page for reference.

A Guided Tour...
As you look at the picture you will see that the main part of the picture is split into three columns: intent; planning & delivery.
The leftmost column (intent) shows how, in systematic management, the purpose and vision of the organisation can be fully explored and comprehensively understood through engaging with a wide range of stakeholder interests in a number of different ways - and how it can then be distilled into a powerful and compelling set of objectives on the left hand side of the QFD diagram.
The next column (planning) shows how these objectives can be driven and deployed into the operations, systems, structures and strategies of the organisation, to guide design and decision making throughout:

at the top, thinking on the organisation structure can be used to determine processes which will provide the most logical framework for delivering the objectives (arrow 2);

lower down, creative and informed discussion around the potential of each process to leverage the objectives helps to align the potential of the organisation's people to its strategies, and to build their commitment (arrow 3,4 & 5);

further developments of the planning process through QFD help to ensure that communication is timely, constructive & efficient (6) and that strategies are effectively prioritised and used to both capitalise on and develop the skills of the organisation's people (7).

The third column (delivery) shows how the results of the planning process are harnessed into systematic management practices which will ensure fulfilment of the plan and its objectives in a timely manner - in the lower section of the page, empowered teams take full responsibility for delivering performance improvements on a sustainable basis; and in the upper section of the page, the management team monitors progress and uses deviations to develop their (and their people's) understanding and competence.
The narrow section on the right illustrates some of the performance improvements that have been achieved in practice through this systematic approach.
At the bottom of the page is a story board of photographs which illustrate the main steps, and just above the story board is what is probably the most important step of all: the means of reviewing and improving the whole systematic process to improve its efficiency and performance (and the competence of those who run it) year on year.
Each panel on the diagram (the colourful rectangles which overlay the columns) represent different fields of understanding and influence that are key to managing systematically. Within each panel, schematic diagrams and actual examples illustrate the tools and activities which support those fields of work, and a small page of text poses questions to help you to consider your own approach in respect of this, and to clarify the benefits you may want to target by improving the way you (and your people) do things. At the bottom of these pages there are references that can help you explore each panel further (these are expanded in the bottom right hand corner of the main diagram).
Finally, the colours in the background to each panel reflect the aspect of systematic management which is most emphasised in the work of that panel, and their meaning can be understood through the colour key on the film spool in the bottom left corner. (The same colour system is also intrinsic to a number of the more detailed diagrams within the various panels and of course, within this website)
The Big Picture can be used on-line, as a pdf file, as a site map, and it can be purchased as a high quality A0 poster.

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