Consultancy training

Preparing particularly capable fast-track juniors to support their colleagues in other areas of the organisation in all the stages of implementing systematic management
Tesseract is not a big organisation, deliberately. Big organisations have the dilemma of balancing the needs of its clients (self sufficiency, unbiased advice) with the needs of its staff (job security, salary), and in difficult times, these do not always sit well together. Tesseract would rather not have the temptation of this dilemma to contend with.
So how then does Tesseract cope with supporting a very large client organisation with its deployment of systematic approaches?
Part of our solution can be found in this website, in the resources library, and in our open-handed approach to those who might otherwise be considered our competitors. But a more effective solution has been the development of specially selected client staff to be trained as internal consultants. This maintains responsibility for organisation development squarely with the client, builds up a core resource of expertise and excellence, and provides excellent personal development for their staff.
Our consultancy training course provides six to twelve people with sixteen days of intense training, and a number of off-line projects spread over twelve weeks. Attendees to the course have been accepted into the Institute of Management Consultants on the basis of the course content.
The course content (which is highly participative) is split into five residential blocks (each block includes a number of evening sessions which are integral to the training and development of the group):

Introduction (2 days): Introductions; overview of systematic mgt; context of systematic mgt. in this organisation; role of consultancy; overview of training and individual projects; survey tools and skills; presentation tools & skills; preparation for next sessions & projects

Systematic management (5 days): providing the skills, tools and knowledge necessary to lead a 'client' through the implementation of: purpose; philosophy; people; process; predict; and perfect

Facilitating through structured interventions (4-5 days): designing, presenting and facilitating interventions; using exercises; handling conflict; session planning (Extensive practice and feedback)

Consulting skills (3 days): competence and development models; coaching; group dynamics; observation; unstructured interventions and influencing; problem solving (Extensive practice and feedback)

Final preparation (2 days): clinic on experiences to date; 'client' management; royal routes to success; variations; further resources

Average score for this course across all blocks & criteria was 4.7 out of 5.

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