Problem solving training

Developing the skills and attitudes necessary for successful and consistent problem solving
The principles of a systematic approach concern establishing clear targets, identifying and resolving deficiencies, and monitoring progress. QFD is a superb tool for clarifying and deploying targets, and Quadrant Charts provide an excellent means of monitoring progress and identifying deficiencies.
But what about resolving the deficiencies? Management have been re-equipped for their role, but what of the people who have to make the necessary changes at 'the coalface'?
The P.R.O.B.L.E.M. methodology was developed specifically to guide and equip the people who will actually be making the physical differences that will generate the improved performance. All of the training materials to run this training have been made freely available through this site.
However, Tesseract is sometimes approached by clients to provide a 'jump-start' to this training by running an initial course, and then training the attendees to deliver the course themselves.
Our approach is to:

Train an initial course for the senior management team and the people nominated to take over the delivery of the training

Train the new trainers in the requisite delivery and facilitation skills through working with the actual course material

Support them through their first delivery of the course, and provide any final advice as required

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