Facilitator training

Developing the skills of facilitation as the basis of a new management style which better drives commitment and stimulates personal development, creativity and enthusiasm
We originally developed our course 'Facilitator Training for Managers' in response to a specific request from Siemens. Siemens had been working steadily to implement more systematic approaches, but was beginning to discover that traditional models of management interventions were getting in the way of work teams reaching their full potential.
The premise of the course was that, in a systematic environment, virtually all successful management interventions can and should be facilitative in nature. The course was run over five days in two separate blocks (one of three days and one of two, separated by a month of application), and was extremely successful in terms of perceived value (Average 4.7 out of 5), quality of delivery (Average 4.9 out of 5) and in its subsequent impact on the organisation and the personal development of its attendees.
The initial course was co-facilitated by the client, and a Tesseracts consultant, and then subsequently (after some additional training) by attendees from the first course.
The outline structure of the course was as outlined below:

1.1. Essentials of Success
1.2. Introduction to Facilitation
1.3. Process Basics
1.4. Different Types of People
1.5. Spotting Problems
1.6. Interventions and Influencing
1.7. Handling Stress and Conflict

2.1. Facilitation Clinic
2.2. Implications for Process
2.3. Limits on Facilitation
2.4. Individual Coaching and Development
2.5. Continuing to Learn

The nature of the course was to teach through content, process and participation - ensuring that participants had extensive opportunities to test and refine their skills in practice.

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