Audit and Review

The audit and review process is an integral part of any sustainable approach to systematic management. Ideally, the audit and review should take place annually, to coincide with the planning cycle for the organisation.
Audit and review is a unique aspect of the systematic approach in that it is the one activity that, even in the most self-sufficient of organisations, will always benefit enormously from an objective, independent and knowledgeable perspective such as can be provided by an external consultant. While we would not encourage any organisation to be dependent to outsiders, skilled outsiders can at least alert us to blind spots and paradigms that would otherwise remain hidden.
Therefore, our intention from audit and review is to deliver:

An accurate picture of progress against the diagnostic benchmark

Recognition of success, achievement, growth and good practice

Clarity on issues in progress and adoption

Prioritisation of the obstacles to achieving evermore ambitious goals

A proven process for audit & review tailored to the client's needs

Client competence in the audit and review process

Our approach is to work closely with a client team to design the audit and review process for their organisation, and to coach them in applying it effectively. We do this through:

Setting the objectives for audit and review with the management team

Holding a workshop to design the audit and review process

Coaching the team in audit and review techniques

Undertaking control interviews & any particularly sensitive interviews

Working with the team to analyse and feedback the results

Highlighting potential blindspots and paradigms in the conclusions

Refining the process for subsequent years

The audit and review is usually the basis for designing the annual (QFD) planning workshop. The base materials for audit and review are based on the diagnostic tools and some are available through the resources library on this site.

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