Our intention from diagnosis is to deliver:

A comprehensive and accurate benchmark of the current position

Acknowledgement of existing success and achievement

Clear understanding of the strategic needs & intent of the business

Clarity on focus areas which will ensure timely benefits

Knowledge of the specific weaknesses and pitfalls to progress

A relationship of trust and credibility with client staff

Our approach is to use a balance of appropriate tools to complement the data that already exists within the organisation, and to ensure confidence in the conclusions. These tools include:

Stakeholder and staff interviews (face to face or conference call)

Quantified survey of stakeholder and staff perceptions

Clinics, workshops and group interviews where appropriate

Problem tracking and walkthrough techniques

Assimilation of existing data and survey scores

Comparisons against systematic best practice models

Analysis of conclusions vs. the six areas of a systematic approach

Where possible, the base materials for this work have been made available through the resources library on this site.

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