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Walk and Talk is a self-help concept. Many of the more intractable and difficult problems our clients face in their work they are perfectly capable of solving for themselves, providing they can get a new perspective on the issue, or a way to free up their thinking and recognise the blockages.
The difficulty often lies, not in any inability, but in a lack of time, space and opportunity to clear our heads, and let our minds work on the problem anew. Walk and Talk is about providing that time, space and opportunity. The 'Walk' is about using motion and changing scenery to clear our heads and providing a context for periods of reflection; the 'Talk' is about allowing someone independent, on a confidential basis, to raise questions that help to structure the issue and provide new insights.
Based at Losehill Hall in the Peak District, Walk and Talk provides an inspiring setting for people to help each other to think through problems. As a result, people make significant headway on issues with their work and career, and hone and develop listening skills that are so important to coaching their people back at base.
It may sound like fun, but you will probably add more value to your business in these two days than in an entire week spent in the office.
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