Site Overview

The content on this site falls mainly into six areas, as outlined below:

Introduction to the site and to Tesseracts

Exploration of the challenges now facing management and how a systematic approach is key to addressing these challenges

Practical guidance and insight on implementing a systematic approach, and in particular the application of QFD to management

Overview and examples of the work of Tesseract Management Systems in helping to implement systematic approaches

Access to publications (electronic and paper) to take your thinking further and support your ideas and initiatives

Access to proven support materials to assist your implementation

By means of the Navigation Overlay in the left hand margin, you can work through these areas in a structured manner. We recommend this to those who are undertaking a more serious evaluation prior to beginning their own implementation.

Alternatively, you can use the Big Picture as a site-map, and access materials and ideas in the context of a logical pathway to implementing systematic management.

Or, by following the links in the right hand margin, you can simply explore these various areas as your curiosity takes you. We recommend this to new visitors to the site as a means to build an enthusiastic appreciation for the ideas contained in the site.



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Fast Perspectives:
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Tesseract's approach to consultancy support

Transforming performance through QFD

Responsive delivery through empowered enthusiasm
Excellence through systematic management
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