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This site has been created to support managers in applying systematic principles to transform their organisation and its performance.
The site provides access to methodologies, tools, materials, general guidance, thought-provoking ideas and support to anybody seeking to develop this aspect of their work, and in particular those who are working through the implementation of the concepts contained in the book 'Managing by Design' (which can be freely accessed from this website).
The site can be accessed by means of the links listed below, and subsequent links which may be found on each page, or by loading the comprehensive 'navigation overlay' which may be loaded by clicking here or clicking the button below the logo in the top left hand corner.
Home provides an overview of the site and our organisation.
Management Issues looks at the biggest issue facing management over the coming years, and its implications for the management role
Our Approach provides a practical understanding of the skills and tools that equip management to address the issue effectively
Our Services shows how we help our clients to apply the skills and tools to their own situations
Publications gives access to the material we have published to help to raise and inform the management debate
Resources provides access to on-line materials which support the practical application of the skills and tools mentioned here


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Fast Perspectives:
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Case studies of success: transforming organisational performance through QFD

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Managing by Design
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Systematic Mgt.

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QFD: Making your vision a reality
Testimonials on systematic management
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How we see the management issue.

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